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Factory Vision

The Factory Vision® family of full matrix marquees and process control boards give you unprecedented flexibility. Specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with manufacturing intelligence and data collection systems, the board's embedded Pentium PC processor allows for maximum throughput speed in combination with multiple input sources.

This family of robust industrial displays is developed to meet the needs of a variety of manufacturing applications. Factory Vision® displays are capable of standard row-column layouts, multiple page full text and graphics, or full motion video replay. With on-board sound options, these displays meet or exceed the needs of any visual factory management system.

Industrial LED Displays

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Electro-Matic's industrial LED displays are designed to sustain the rigorous and fast-paced manufacturing environment. We have fine-tuned our software to allow for easy updating and to dynamically display messages to diverse audiences.

With standard row column layouts, multiple page full text and graphics, and full-motion video replay, you can communicate every detail with the industrial and manufacturing process.

Industrial LED Displays Information

Andon Systems

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The term “Andon” refers to a visual system used to notify management, workers and maintenance of either process or quality problems.

FactoryVision Andon displays integrate seamlessly within existing manufacturing intelligence and data collection systems to meet the high-visibility, clear communication needs of any manufacturing or warehousing operation. With an Onboard Pentium processor option, Andon boards supply high end processing performance with multiple input sources.

Andon Systems Information

R.R.Floody Company is a Factory Vision distributor in Chicago and Northern Illinois. We offer technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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