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Apera AI-Powered Computer Vision

Apera Vue vision software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver human-like perception and speed to industrial robots for packaging, bin picking, kitting, assembly and other complex applications. Apera's goal is to help make operations more efficient and productive by creating solutions with superior intelligence and dexterity. Apera calls the software's core technology 4D Vision, which uses advanced machine learning technologies and proprietary AI to control path planning, pose estimation and object recognition.

Apera Vue Software

apera vue software

Apera Vue software guides robots around a facility as they move and handle items without colliding with other objects. This technology allows robots to take the optimal path in and out of movement.

Apera Dexterity enables robots to grasp and accurately place a comprehensive range of objects, including shiny, reflective, translucent, clear or highly similar items. This feature allows a robot to find the appropriate item in a complex object array, align it properly and place it at the correct destination.

Apera 4D Vision

apera 4d vision

Apera's AI-powered 4D Vision technology enables customers to go beyond conventional capabilities with simpler hardware than traditional 3D systems. This technology maximizes speed, enhances intelligence and improves perception in each work cell.

4D vision delivers cycle times as fast as 3 hertz or 0.3 seconds — a speed quicker than any other vision technology on the market. Work cells guided by 4D Vision can handle and place a broad item range. Apera AI systems hit the industry benchmark of 99% reliability with less hardware and lower costs with the ability to operate without structured light, precise fixtures or lasers.

AI-Powered Robotic Vision

apera video

R.R.Floody Company is an Apera AI-Powered Vision distributor in Chiacgo and Northern Illinois. We offer technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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