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Autonomous Mobile Robot Solutions

Mobile Robot Solutions

Collaborative and Mobile Robots are Designed to Share a Workspace with Humans, Making Automation Easier that Ever for Businesses of All Sizes.

Mobile robots add mobility to the robotic arms and are used in production and in warehouse logistics where the process of repeatedly picking products from warehouse shelves and carrying them back and forth to location points can be automated. It is also relevant for retail warehouses where the robots can pick up orders from different locations and deliver them at a shipping area. These are monotonous tasks that robots can perform and it frees up the staff for more valuable tasks. Both the mobile robots and the robotic arms are collaborative and can work alongside humans without any extra safety.

  • Address Your Labor Needs
  • Become More Competitive
  • Easy Programming and Deployment
  • Fast Set Up
  • Flexible Automation
  • Mobile Inspection

*Packages starting at $78,000

RR Floody provides superior application assessment, solution development and implementation in robotics to ensure lasting success and return on investment.


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Mobile & Collaborative Robots

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Autonomous Mobile Industrial Robots

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Collaborative Robots

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