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Customer Testimonials


I am writing this letter to recommend the services, and expertise of RR Floody. They have an amazing staff to work with who take the time to listen to the needs of their customers. We have had multiple upgrades done on PACE machinery. All with multiple camera systems installed. The machines have been very dependable to say the least. The user functionality on the machine is the easiest that we have when it comes to setting up sorting jobs. Basically, a drag and drop window sequence to set up the inspection areas necessary for the part being sorted. I would highly recommend RR Floody for any of your upgrade needs on any vision project that you might have. We will continue to use RR Floody for all of our current and future turnkey projects.”  

- Joe T. Coffey, Quality Manager/Sorting Manager, Archer Screw Products


“Thank you so much for your unlimited effort to share your knowledge about Cognex cameras and their applications. I appreciate it... God bless your company.”

- Jay Aleluya,  Automation Technician, Production Engineering, Sunstar Americas, Inc.


“The Cognex EasyBuilder class that RR Floody hosts is great! I now have the confidence to program in EasyBuilder myself. Even after only one class.”

- Engineering Project Manager 


“The Easybuilder training  was clean, clear, prestige training. Great step by step instructions.”

- Maintenance Engineer


“I have nothing but success from RR Floody’s expertise and guidance they have offered to me over the years.  They really know their products and which are the right applications for them.  They have always been more than willing to help me out on any project I have thrown at them.  Even one where they were asked to come in and rewrite another vendors code on a Cognex camera that wasn’t working up to our expectations.”

- Steve Hiser, Plant Engineering Manager - Dean Foods


“That was a great training with some good hands-on experience. I highly appreciate the entire team including Karl for organizing this and making it accessible for everybody. Overall the training went as I was expecting and the instructors, Mike and Matt were very resourceful and very patient with us; I certainly appreciate the 6 rules of Automation.

Thank you & Looking forward to work with you guys in near future.”

- Gunakar Golagana, Project Engineer - Midwest Insert Composite Molding & Assembly


“RR Floody knows vision like very few others do.  Even as an application engineer at Cognex I really did not understand the challenges involved in completing a successful machine vision integration project.  It was not until I left Cognex and started doing integration full time myself did I understand how challenging it was and what RR Floody could provide in evaluation, programming, troubleshooting and brainstorming on issues.
Not only does RR Floody have a great lab, better than anything we had at Cognex, they have great Applications Engineers. RR Floody’s Applications Engineers came to them with an entire career of experience in the machine building and system integration fields.
There is not a week that goes by where I do not rely on the team for key aspects of my projects.        
The team at RR Floody are great to work with, from upper management, to sales engineers, to AE’s to the customer service team.  Karl and Michael are always willing to help out with sales strategy, referrals, sharing resources, and business development ideas.”
- Greg Dallstream, President - Greg Dallstream & Associates LLC


“We currently work with Floody on Dorner conveyor products and Cognex scanners. The Floody team has been very helpful with scanner applications in different industries.                                                  

Customer service and Support is second to none. This support provides the confidence to sell applications without reservation and without going blind into unknown territory on an application. The various different people we have worked with at Floody always seem to know the product well. If you find an area they are not familiar with they will work through this until they understand it and have an answer.”                                     

- Rob Wienhoff, President - Chicago Coding Systems


“Thank you for providing such a nice training session about Cognex’s Easy Builder software and related hardware. Mike, I found you to be very knowledgeable and that your teaching style is friendly and easy to follow. The class was informative, having fully outfitted workstations was excellent, the environment was comfortable and the price was very reasonable. I’m looking for opportunities and applications to apply what I learned.”

All the best to you and the staff at RR Floody who helped put it together.”

- Sr. Machine Designer


“I just want to thank you and RR Floody for the excellent training class yesterday. Even though I have been working with our vision system for almost 2 years, this training opened up my eyes to some new techniques. The training was well done, and at a level that both beginners and people with some experience benefitted. The section on the different inspection tools really helped me to understand how and where to apply some of these tools. This can be somewhat overwhelming to me as there are many tools to select from. You brought it to a level that even a technically challenged person like myself can understand and apply. I am going to recommend to my manager that the 3rd process engineer in our group be sent to the training so he can get the same benefits that I received.”

- Process Engineer


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