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Robotics & Motion Control

programming a robot

We provide you with superior application assessment, solution development and implementation in robotics & motion control to ensure lasting success and return on your investment.

From traditional robotics, where speed & precision are key, to collaborative robots which can work directly beside your human team; RR Floody is your highly experienced partner for robotics & motion control. We have decades of experience in fully integrated Cognex vision guided robotics solutions. We focus on front-end evaluation to get your application right from the start. We can take ownership of, and/or support end effector design, programing structure, and general consultation. We also offer after sales support activities such as training and implementation assistance. We can interface with your existing systems/automation. We collaborate with Mitsubishi Electric Automation to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions which are second to none in motion control . . . bordering on defying the laws of physics.

  • Experienced in fully integrated Cognex vision guided robotics
  • From support to full design of end effectors & part presentation
  • Interface with your existing systems/automation
  • Performance & Reliability leading offerings in Servo Motors & VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives)

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Robotics & Motion Control

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Servo & Stepper Motors and Drives

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Gear Reducers and Gear Motors

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SCARA Robots and 6 Axis Robots

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Single & Multi Axis Electric Actuators, Robots

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Collaborative Palletizers

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PLCs, HMIs, Servo Motion Control, VFDs, Robots

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Autonomous Mobile Industrial Robots

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Plug & Play End-of-Arm Tooling, Grippers for Collaborative Robots

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Robotic Grippers

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Specialized Equipment for MiR Robots

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Collaborative Robots


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