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CCS America

CCS America is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality LED lighting for image processing applications. Their innovative designs will give you images of superior quality and maximum contrast. CCS America offers high quality products and advanced lighting technologies, and is continually developing new lighting systems that will meet a diverse range of needs.

Standard Product

CCS standard light

Used by thousands of customers worldwide, CCS Standard Products are available in more than 300 standard and 5000 custom designs. CCS has been providing the most reliable, compact LED illuminators in the market since 1992. High-density ring light units are ideal for applications where irradiance must be focused at the center of the workpiece. With their low angle ring light units the edges of the workpiece and any engraving or damage on the surfaces can be detected clearly through low-angle illumination. Bar light units feature high-density LEDs mounted on a flat circuit board. They can be used for a wide range of applications because the illumination angle can be freely set. Backlights are designed to illuminate workpieces from the back.

Standard Product Information

High Output Lights

CCS high output lights

CCS AMERICA has introduced a new line of high output lights ideal for palletizing, web inspection, robot guidance, and packaging applications in the automotive and food and beverage industries. The robust aluminum design provides superior heat transfer for maximum LED performance. The HL Series is ideal for consumers who need high-intensity lighting in applications with long stand-off distances. These high intensity lights are excellent for large area illumination and provide a long life – 50,000 hours typically.

High Output Lights Information

QL Series

CCS QL Series lights

CCS America offers a quality line for general purpose machine vision applications. The QL series LED lights are designed for the budget-minded consumer. This complete line of lights utilizes 24-volt input. These high quality, cost effective lights provide simple connectivity with industry standard M12 connectors and provide high brightness and uniformity.

QL Series Information

EL Series

CCS standard light

With the EL Series, CCS brings to the market a new range of high-quality plug & play lighting that achieves an innovative advancement in flexible design. The new EL Series includes bar lights and ring lights, which have built-in controllers that deliver auto-strobe functionality. The Auto-strobe functionality allows for easy and safe overdriving, as well as a continuous mode. The EL Series also includes back lights and flat lights with a camera hole, both with integrated dimming controllers, for inspections with a large field of view.

Utilizing innovative technology, the EL Series delivers a unique flexibility and convenience to Machine Vision lighting. Lenses can be adjusted by hand to control the emission angle of the light beam. In addition to size of the light and Different wavelengths, users can choose from three different diffusers diffusing windows and other optical accessories to easily design their optimal lighting solution.

The EL Series expands the current line-up with IP options (IP67 and IP69K) for inspection applications affected by high-exposure to dust or water, such as the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries. The Series also includes structured LED lighting designed for 3D reconstruction, stereovision, and alignment applications using interchangeable masks to project the desired pattern clearly at a powerful output.


EL Series Product Information

R.R.Floody Company is a CCS America distributor in Chicago and Northern Illinois. We offer technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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