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Flexxbotics manufacturing and automation productivity solutions ensure you get the most from your people, processes, and capital equipment during every single job. By optimizing your workcells for maximum output and efficiency, they give you the competitive edge.


The complete automated machine tending solution. Getting your automated CNC setup takes time and effort. Especially when you’re busy trying to get parts out the door. Let us take care of everything for you. Our team rapidly designs, integrates & supports your machine tending setup. Making your automation goals a reality.

  • Quickly redeploy your cobot onto other machines with the FlexxReference™ offset tool.
  • FlexxCNC™ interfaces to 100’s of CNCs with the benefits of G-code program loading and writing macros through to the CNC.
  • Use FlexxConnect™ to manage job revision control and deploy G-code programs to CNCs and programs to robots.

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FlexxConnect™ is a digitally centralized system that enables effective process control for your CNC floor by instantly driving the necessary and relevant information to and from your CNCs. It provides your machinists with everything they need to successfully execute your jobs.

  • Configure your job workflow: Create a step-by-step workflow including modules such as G-code programs, robot programs, work instructions, and digital instruction sets.
  • Manage job revision control: Ensure the correct and latest G-code program or tooling instruction file is being used every time. See history of your jobs and reuse versions of previous jobs to efficiently create new jobs.
  • Deploy your jobs instantly: Send your completed jobs digitally to your CNC work cell to be completed by your machinist or operators.

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The FlexxCNC™ enables you to automate all aspects of your CNC. Execute G-Code, actuate vises / chucks / doors, initiate stop / start / wait cycles and connect to any other peripherals all through polyscope through the FlexxCNC™.
The FlexxCNC™ is compatible with a majority of CNC machines giving you the ability to standardize this solution across your shop. Move your cobot and FlexxCNC™ from one machine to another as demand shifts or build your cobot fleet to service the variety of CNC’s on your floor.

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Easily repurpose your robot from one work cell to another when demand changes; maximize utilization and accelerate ROI by redeploying your Universal Robot in less than 15 minutes with the FlexxReference™ intuitive robotic software/hardware 6-degree offset tool.

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R.R.Floody Company is a Flexxbotics distributor in Chiacgo and Northern Illinois. We offer technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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