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kmV's iSight series of vision inspection systems are designed to provide fast, reliable and accurate quality control inspections of plastic containers, labels and finished products - ensuring your products stand out in a crowded marketplace.

iSight 20/20 Label Inspector

label inspctor

The iSight 20/20 Label Inspector inspection system utilizes 2 cameras to perform inspections of the front and rear labels on containers, boxes and flat packs. Presentation inspections include label presence, position, skew, wrinkles, tears & blisters. ID and print verifications include 2D, barcode, match code and human readable code. Integrated process controls can be used to start or stop upstream and downstream equipment.

This budget-friendly turnkey system includes lots of extras you’d normally only find on top-end turnkey systems including encoder-based product tracking, a rejector and reject verification, downstream jam detection, and secure, cloud-based system backups with remote service. The vision software features an active directory, recipe management, and available double-blind code entry.

iSight 20/20 Label Inspector

iSight 20/20 Code Reader


label inspctor

The iSight 20/20 Code Reader +Smart AI was designed to read 2D codes, bar codes, human-readable codes on any web, package or object. It utilizes AI technology's powerful “deep learning” tools trained to read and verify alpha numeric codes.

A huge advantage deep learning tools offer over traditional OCV tools is that once they’ve been trained to read a code, they’re smart enough to understand the code is correct despite print quality degradation - minimizing product holds, down time caused by tweaking and retraining the vision tools and eliminating false rejects. Our deep learning tools are also robust enough to reliably read codes distorted by varying line speeds, curved surfaces, uneven surfaces and packaging textures.

iSight 20/20 Code Reader

R.R.Floody Company is a kmV iSight Vision Inspection System distributor in Chicago and Northern Illinois. We offer design support to help our customers solve their applications.

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