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Cognex DataMan 80

Ultra-Compact Size, Unmatched Code Reading

Boost throughput and operational efficiency with DataMan 80 series barcode readers. These image-based readers leverage advanced algorithms to track items throughout manufacturing and logistics facilities.

With Power over Ethernet (PoE) and USB connection options, these flexible readers decode direct part marks (DPMs) as well as damaged and obscured 1D/2D label-based codes, across a range of industries, environments, and applications.

dataman 80

Solve tough manufacturing and logistics applications

DataMan 280 series was designed to be flexible. The modular hardware and software can be configured to solve any barcode reading challenge. Easily decode difficult DPM codes on challenging automotive and medical device surfaces. Read multiple label-based barcodes simultaneously on boxes and pallets, even behind specular wraps. And accurately read user presented codes with a large depth of focus for speedy handling.

technologyOne-cable setup, multiple benefits

Set up and start scanning products, components, and packages within minutes, even in confined machines and congested conveyor lines. The reader’s ultra-compact form factor and multiple connection options facilitate deployment in challenging environments.

Out-of-the-box scanning and flexible kitting

Spend more time scanning and less time installing your device and fine-tuning configuration settings. The DataMan 80 series comes preconfigured out of the box so you can start tackling a variety of barcode reading applications within minutes.

Whether it's standard decoding or applications that require specialized lighting or optics, there is a configuration to meet your needs.


Gain insight into device performance with Edge Intelligence

DataMan 80 series readers combined with Cognex Edge Intelligence (EI) transform big data into smart data to improve overall equipment effectiveness and throughput.

EI allows users to configure multiple devices and models simultaneously, facilitating immediate system performance monitoring and analysis. The technology informs users when issues occur, allowing operators to identify and resolve root causes faster using powerful analytics and image view tools.

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