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Cognex In-Sight 3800

For Fast, Accurate, AI-Based Inspections

Designed for high-speed production lines, In-Sight 3800 offers an extensive vision toolset, powerful imaging capabilities, and flexible software to deliver a fully integrated solution for a wide range of inspection applications.

This new system is embedded with a comprehensive set of vision tools that includes Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based edge learning technology and traditional rule-based algorithms. Easy-to-use edge learning tools solve tasks with high variability and are setup in minutes with just a handful of training images.

  • Identifies and documents faults and unproductive time more quickly
  • Reduces response times and prevents downtime
  • Works regardless of the manufacturer, age or function of the machine
  • Provides all relevant data of machines, systems and manual workstations at a glance
  • Reports show opportunities for process and productivity improvements
  • Modular and expandable with no cabling required
  • Start immediately with a low maintenance budget - without long approval processes

fastest speeds

Accommodate the fastest line speeds and optimize throughput

Integrating rules-based and deep learning tools in a single vision system, the In-Sight 2800 solves a variety of error-proofing applications. Use the tools individually for simple jobs or chain them together to solve more difficult logic sequences.


Meet higher quality standards with powerful image formation

Capture high-resolution images of any product in any environment. Multi-color lighting (RGBW and IR) optimizes image formation, maximizing contrast and illumination, regardless of operating conditions. Simply click a button in In-Sight Vision Suite to change the light color and generate high-resolution images for more accurate inspections.


image formation

Push the boundaries with HDR+

High-dynamic range plus (HDR+) extends the capabilities of HDR technology by automatically enhancing contrast. This creates a more uniformed and more detailed image in a single acquisition, and allows you to see features that were not visible before. HDR+ also reduces exposure times, which enables you to accommodate faster line speeds.



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