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Mitsubishi GT27 Advanced HMI

Multi-touch Advanced HMI with optional HDMI Port

Mitsubishi GT27 HMIMost HMIs require a PC in order to project the HMI contents on a larger screen. But with the GT27 Series, all you need is a cable.

Production managers and maintenance personnel can benefit from seeing what the machine operator sees on a large public screen, allowing them to respond faster to required actions.

The GT27 Series is a top end graphical operator terminal which includes displays from 5.7" all the way to 15" with resolutions of XGA, SVGA and VGA depending on model selection. It is an advanced model with multi-touch and gesture functions providing users tablet like operation. 

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GT25 Wide Screen HMI

High performance, cost efficient HMI

Mitsubishii GT25 Wide Screen HMIThe GT25 Wide Series is a high performance and cost-effective graphical operator terminal with 7" screen and WVGA resolution or 10.1" screen and WXGA resolution, available in a stylishly narrow black or silver bezel. This high performance model has two Ethernet ports, supports a wireless option unit, and supports many of the same features and functions as the standard GT25. It is a great fit for advanced applications where high connectivity or high resolution graphics is a requirement.


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