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Parts Feeder Component Level Control

feeder bowl applicationThe BGS-HDL series is ideal for controlling the height level of components in the parts feeder.

The BGS-HDL’s two control outputs can be used to ensure upper and lower limits by turning on Output 1 as a supply start signal when the remaining component quantity is reduced, and by turning on Output 2 as a stop signal when the component level increases sufficiently after supply start. 
This means that all the work in applications that would conventionally require two sensors can be done with just a single sensor.



FASTUS BGS-HL/-HDL Series achieves precise height difference detection regardless of Object color and material. This is accomplished by utilizing original “TRI-CORE” Technology found in our high-end displacement sensors. This Technology enables the highest level of performance in the industry at an economical price.

The newly added BGS-HDL model is equipped with two control outputs. With support for upper and lower limit output or two-step output, applications that call for two sensors can now be covered with just a single sensor.

The digital panel for displaying distance on the sensor can be set to either Background mode (bcGd) or Target mode (trGt). Select the display mode that makes seeing changes in distance easiest according to the application.



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