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PE Series Palletizing Solution

PE SeriesPE Series Palletizing Solution Allows You to Elevate Your Workforce

If you're in the manufacturing business, chances are you have at least one palletizing station. Palletizing is a simple, repetitive task. In many industries, it's one of the most common robot applications.

We've built a palletizing solution with the end user—you—in mind. Open the box, and the hardware and software are already connected. Plan your setup in just three steps, directly on the robot control device. It's a simple, flexible, high-performance cobot solution.

Palletizing is one of the most promising collaborative robot applications but before going too deep into details, let's start with simple definitions.

Palletizing or palletization refers to the action of placing products on a pallet for shipment or storage in logistics supply chains. Ideally, products are stacked in a pattern that maximizes the amount of product in the load by weight and volume while being stable enough to prevent products from shifting, toppling, or crushing each other. Currently, most palletizing applications are accomplished by manual labor. However, since workers are becoming harder to find and once we find them, don't talk about stacking boxes all day because they'll leave. Today's manufacturers are introducing robots into their workshops to make up for the lack of employees that can and want to do the job.

An automated palletizing process can be repeated endlessly, assuming the flow of boxes and pallets is constant.





Three easy steps for all ISO-certified pallet sizes.
Adapts easily to your production schedule—so no need to stop your production line for hours.




Earn an ROI faster. How? Optimized, synchronized motion control of the cobot and seventh axis create an unparalleled cycle times.



With total compatibility between elements, you get a small footprint that fits existing floorplans.

No external PC required.



Because safety is a paramount, we’ve built an environment for safe integration and we support third-party safeguard devices.


PE20 Series Palletizing Solution

PE20 SeriesQuickest Installation. Easiest Operation.

Meet the most cost-effective palletizing solution

Robotiq’s PE20 Palletizing Solution takes care of the palletizing while featuring a practical, highly compact design for easy integration and operation. It redefines ease-of-use; hardware and software are already connected and ready to install upon unboxing. Plan your program in just three steps and it automatically generates and optimizes all trajectories and robot movements, without needing any information beyond what you have already entered.


Standardized Palletizing Solutions

Designed to cater to the specific requirements of palletizing, you can rest easy knowing that installing and operating the Robotiq Palletizing Solution comes with minimal risk. Our solutions are built on best practices and have been tested extensively, ensuring reliability and a quick return on investment.

The palletizing solution is designed to make automation accessible. No matter your robotics expertise, you can confidently take ownership of your robot.



Choosing the right solution requires consideration of factors such as daily palletization volume, production line capacity, case weights, pallet heights, and available space. Robotiq provides a range of palletizing solutions, ensuring there is an option that meets your requirements.





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