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Universal Robots Turnkey Solutions

At RR Floody Company, we’re excited about the future of automation and the rise of the new wave of technologies that are shattering the barrier to entry to industrial automation. Universal Robots is leading the charge with this movement, and we at RR Floody are excited to introduce drop-in kits that we have developed in collaboration with two of our key partners.


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FC- Series of Turnkey Machine Tending Systems

These cobot systems are a fast, safe and simple way to increase your capacity and re-focus your machinists and operators on high value activities, like CAM, setup and inspection.  The Cobot performs the routine loading and unloading of parts, while valuable staff ensures your shop is efficient.

  • Turnkey machine tending kits for CNC vertical milling and CNC lathes, encompassing all controls platforms
  • Full range of reach, from 33-51”
  • Includes Universal Robot arm, end of arm tool, parts platform, integration services, and training
  • $68,000 to $89,900
  • Delivers within 10 business days
  • No hidden cost includes delivery, installation and training

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See the FC-Series Machine Tending System in Action!



Palletizer System

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MPS - Modular Palletizing Solution

With Modular Palletizing Solution (MPS), manufacturers can quickly and with minimal disruption, drop in a robotic palletizing solution with an impressive ROI.

  • Includes Universal Robot 10e arm, end of arm tool, enclosure, integration and training
  • Dual Pallet reach
  • Case picks up to 17#
  • Pick and place 8 cases per minute
  • $92,000

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